Making college a reality for more kids

Our mission

CollegeBacker was founded to make saving for college so easy that every American child will have a college fund, no matter their family’s means, where they come from, or what they look like.


Since 2015, we’ve helped families all across the country avoid over $50 million in student loan debt. And we’re just getting started.

Our values

  • Simplicity

    Saving for education is still way too hard, which is why so few families do it. We’re obsessed with changing this.

  • Universality

    We’re incentivized by our business model to serve as many families as possible, not just the wealthy ones.

  • Community

    Everyone who cares about a child should be able to help. We’re bringing families together.

  • Trust

    We’ve got your back. We believe in low-fee, passive investing and never take sales commissions.

  • Pay it forward

    We use 1% of your fee to reach low-income families, because every child deserves a college fund.

Our team

Jordan went from mediocre student to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton grad, all because a high school teacher pushed him to realize his potential. A startup veteran and Y Combinator alum.
Jordan Lee

Founder & CEO

Day or night, Jeremy keeps CB running as a lean, mean, machine. An ops savant, he helped scale Home Chef from 8 people to over 600, and has years of experience in finance and consulting.
Jeremy Feit

Head of Operations

Bechir is CollegeBacker’s diplomat extraordinaire, forging strategic alliances with mission-aligned orgs. A Yale grad, Stanford MBA (with an MA in Education), and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative alum.
Bechir Pierre

Head of Business Development

Mathieu is our fearless engineering leader, pushing our product forward and making sure your savings is safe and secure. Formerly VP of Engineering at
Mathieu Lajugie

Head of Engineering

Val has architected CollegeBacker from the very beginning. His fingerprints are all over the CB codebase, from complex backend systems to carefully-designed user interactions.
Valentino Aluigi

Software Architect

Sera is fast and furious across the stack, but brings artisan-level craft to front-end development, from fluid feature flows to pixel-perfect marketing pages.
Sera Bak

Software Engineer

With a background in financial services, Maida is our resident expert on CollegeBacker families. She’s on the frontlines helping them achieve their goals and ensuring we understand their needs.
Maida Suljic

Customer Success

Greg is what you might call a “full-stack designer.” If you can imagine it, he can design it. Even more important, he can run a tight process to turn those fuzzy imaginings into concrete solutions.
Greg Allison

Design Lead

Want to join us?

We're Hiring

Dan Macklin

Co-founder, Sofi

Jennifer Carolan

Reach Capital

Tom Blaisdell

CEO, Alignpact

Miriam Rivera

Ulu Ventures

David Rochon

President, UPromise

Ryan Caldbeck

CEO, Circleup

Bharat Mediratta

CTO, Dropbox

Andrew Sutherland

Founder, Quizlet

Our Investors
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